Allegro Cello Outfit

Allegro Cello

     Allegro Cello Outfit

One off our best sellers!  The beautiful Allegro Cello is carefully hand carved from solid tonewoods. The tops and backs are precisely graduated for the best possible sound. The Allegro has a full and rich bass range and clear and open mid and treble range with excellent projection. The neck is hand carved for a comfortable feel. The Allegro is an outstanding value and it will easily compete with cellos costing up to double the price. It comes heavy nylon padded bag and a Mongolian horsehair bow. Add $159.00 for optional featherweight case upgrade.

* Solid Hand Carved Spruce Top

* Solid Hand Carved Maple Back

* Maple Bridge

* Inlaid Purfling

* Grade-A Ebony Fingerboard

* Golden Brown Finish

* Four Fine Tuners

* Ebony Frog Wood Bow with Mongolian Horsehair

* Heavy padded bag

* Sizes 1/8 – 4/4

* $650 Complete or available for Rent or Rent-to-Own

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