We have a two family-friendly and cost-effective string rental programs. There are NO credit reports fees, NO set-up fees, NO balloon payments and the security deposit is fully refundable if the instrument is returned in good condition. All instruments are fully set up by our shop for best performance especially for small hands and all are in new or very good condition. Mention your teacher or school for a free string upgrade.

Option #1 – Violin straight rent: $15 a month. No charge to move up in size if the violin is returned in good condition. 4 month minimum commitment. Nothing applies to purchase.

Option #2  Violin Rent-to-own: $25 a month. Own the instrument in 12 to 24 months depending on the model of violin.  3 month minimum commitment.

Other Instruments:

Viola rentals are as above but $20 per month rent only or $30 per month rent-to-own. 3 month minimum on both programs.

Cellos rent for $35 to $50 depending on the instrument and program.  Please call for details – (503)702 7254.

Upright Bass rentals – please call for details.