These are some unsolicited responses that we’ve had:

Craig:  Thanks for the holiday greeting but most especially for the cello shipped to my home..it arrived quickly and in great condition.  My 31 year old son is thrilled that he can still remember all the scales and songs he learned in 4th grade orchestra.  (Now he is a sometime music teacher at A.R.T.S…”a reason to survive” in San Diego and bassist).


Thank you for your note and helping me with my first “fiddle”. I have enjoyed it very much and the quality for my limited knowledge is excellent. Without your help I may not have maintained my interest in playing but now love to fiddle with it. P Sweeney

Thank you!

Just a note to say how wonderful the cello is that I bought last summer from you!  My son Tage is playing beautifully and he loves it!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!


These are reviews from customers on Google:

I am a teacher and musician and have travelled from the Seattle area to procure an upright bass, 3 cellos, and 2 violas from this shop. The prices are beyond reasonable, and the quality of the instruments is good. This shop has been a particular blessing to young cello students I teach whose families felt they could never afford a cello. I recently bought a higher end cello and was impressed with that as well. The owner, Craig, has been easy to work with, and has shipped instruments in a safe and reliable way.

William from Whidbey

Steel here…..bought a great 4×4 cello from Craig in the spring of 2011…with the soft case and another set of strings…tuner and resin…I was ready to go…great price for the value of the instrument…I will look forward to the upgrade to another cello…….pleased as punch here….real personable person….like the ease of the transaction….enjoying my new instrument…..Bravo Allegro!!!!!