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A Poet’s Premier – Student Lights National Christmas Tree

One of the joys of my job is finding out that a young person who obtained an instrument from our shop did something very special with it. A few years back a student, whose parents rented a bass from us, used it in a KFC commercial that aired nationally. Recently, I found out that one of our local students was honored in Washington DC during the 2018 Christmas season where she was able to make use of her violin.

Last year the State of Oregon was chosen to provide the Christmas Tree for the U.S Capitol. An essay contest was held for Oregon students to choose a representative to take part in the tree lighting festivities. Brigette Harrington, 4th grader at Jackson Elementary School in Hillsboro, submitted a poem to compete along with 1200 other Oregon students. Her poem, built on the seasonal template of Twas the Night Before Christmas, was selected by Governor Kate Brown to represent the state.

I didn’t find this out until recently when Brigette and her mom came in to our shop to trade up her violin from a 1/2 to 3/4 size. Her mother mentioned to me that the instrument had been played by her daughter at the Capitol (National Press Club reception) and that she had won the honor of lighting the National Christmas Tree with her poem. You will find the text of the poem below and also a link to a slide show that shows highlights from her expense-paid trip to the Capitol. Nicely done Brigette!

Here is Brigette’s poem:

Winner of the 2018 U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree Contest: Brigette Harrington

‘Twas the month before Christmas, and all through my mind, Swirled thoughts of my Oregon, all intertwined; The four seasons how extraordinary, each one of a kind, Left memories galore for my mind to rewind.

The winter how beautiful, the snow began to fall, I quickly grabbed my mittens to make a chilly snowball. The snowman we created, sat proudly in my yard, He stayed there ‘till he melted, a snowy frosty guard.

The raindrops how they pattered, the wind gusts how they blew, In Oregon this is common, it makes us special through and through; So don’t be disappointed, for rain can bring such joy, The puddles are for jumpin’, they’re better than a toy!

In thinking of the springtime, birds began to chime, The tulips and the daffodils, made for a colorful time.

It was time to plant my garden, the seeds went in the ground, I watched each day as plants popped up, and roots became earthbound.

The roses oh so pretty, a painting of delight, The picture of a rainbow, magical and bright.

A visit to the Oregon coast, is sure to bring a smile, Watching waves and seagulls fly up high, my sandcastle took a while. Flying kites their tails a’soarin’, a fun sight to behold, Especially nice upon the sand, with the ocean foamy and cold.

Hiking in the green lush forests, tall evergreens abound, Watching wildlife, deer, and elk appear, animals all around.

Onto summer sunny days, the earth was in its glory, Picking berries, apples, peaches and more, so sweet, like a fairytale story.

Kayaking on our rivers was great, it really was a thrill, Paddling to and fro with dad, water rippling, peaceful and yet still.

Time for fall, it was really here, brilliant trees ablaze, Leaves soon fell down one by one, my eyes just loved to gaze.

Finally into the pumpkin patch, oh which one should I choose, A tall, a round, a skinny one, once carved it would amuse.

It’s time to cut our Christmas tree, we’ve got to find the right one, Can’t wait to get it home inside, all decorated and done!

So as I close my eyes for sleep, my heart holds memories dear, Thinking of my home, our state, my Oregon, how glad I’m here.

By: Brigette Heather Harrington

Here is a link to slide show of Brigette’s trip to Washington DC: Slide Show

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