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“We Love the Scott Cao STV017!! …You can’t have it back, sorry.”

I recently received a text from a customer. We had shipped them one of our Scott Cao student violins. They paid for it in advance but asked for a little time to try it out. We had agreed to give them 10 days in which they could try it out and keep it or return it for a full refund. Their son had definite ideas about what he wanted in an instrument and they wanted to make sure that he liked it. Here is the text I received back:

“We love the Scott Cao STV017!! Keeping it. You can’t have it back, sorry :-> “

The slightly whimsical post made me smile. Apparently, it took the boy all of 2 minutes to fall in love with the violin. This doesn’t surprise me. Customer and teacher feedback that we have received about the Scott Cao violins had been 100% positive. Not a single negative comment. We have found that, dollar for dollar, the Scott’s are extraordinary and compare favorably with anything we’ve heard in their price range. I got to meet Mr. Scott Cao a few years back at the winter NAMM show in Anaheim and I was very impressed with the man. He is a straight shooter and gave me exactly the information I needed at the time. In 2013 he took one of his violins to compete in NYC at the Mondo Musica festival. This was a double-blind competition where neither the player nor the judges could not see which instruments were being played. He faced eleven of the top American builders and three actual Stradivarius violins (it was held in New York after all). The latter were valued at millions of dollars each. He tied for first place with another top builder. We currently carry four models from $550 to $1650 with oblong case and bow and I love all of them. Maybe you will, too. We also have two Scott Cao Cello models in stock and they are outstanding in quality and sound as well.

Keep Practicing,


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