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Home of the Lifetime Trade-Up

The number one question that parents have when they come us is, ”what do we do when our child outgrows this instrument.” Many advancing students also want to know if there are options when they want to move to a more advanced instrument down-the-road. All the instruments that we rent or sell come with a lifetime trade-up option. Here is a summary of our trade-up policy for rentals and purchases.

Child rental size trade-ups are free for the same model to model. This includes straight rent and rent-to-own for violin, viola, cello or upright bass. As long as the instrument is returned in good condition there is no charge for to up-size. We can also usually do a trade up to a more advanced instrument with rent-to-owns and adjust the number of months to pay off.

If you purchase an instrument from us (or after you complete your rent-to-own agreement) there is a small trade-up fee. The fee is $35 for violins and violas, $50 for cellos and $70 for basses plus any difference in the retail cost of the instrument. Again, this is as long as the instrument is returned in good condition. When you are ready for your second size trade up after you’ve purchased or paid off a rent-to-own we ask that you move up to a bit more advanced instrument – usually 50% or more in value. As children advance in their abilities the instruments should also advance in capability.

Feel free to call us if there are any questions about the trade up policy.

Keep Practicing!

Craig Birchfield Owner Allegro Violin and Music

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