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Open Auditions for Portland Youth Rock Orchestra

(I thought that you might be interested in information from an organization in PDX that is combining traditional orchestral instruments with contemporary instruments for young people. This is from our friend Willow Goodine: arranger, film composer, director and mentor with the organization. Check it out.)

Now holding auditions for the Portland Youth Rock Orchestra!

We need string players and other orchestral musicians more than ever! Now holding auditions over the next few Tuesdays, Oct. 6th, 13th, 20th from 4-9pm. We officially start rehearsals Oct. 20th at The West Sylvan Middle School. Please call (503)567-9950 or email to set up an audition time. They usually last about 20 minutes.

The Portland Youth Rock Orchestra gives students from all over the metropolitan area focused musical training and exposure to the greatest of rock and orchestral literature. Our goal is to provide traditional orchestral players with a fun outlet to play once a week in a performing arts orchestra and for the contemporary musicians such as guitarists, drummers and bass players it will be a chance to play in an environment that is not offered in schools. We’re giving the students a more serious outlet than what they’d experience with places like the School of Rock, for example, so it’s filling a very unique position out there. This year, the groups will be lead by Willow Goodine, who has IMDB credits for his film scores. He also orchestrates for various groups in the Pacific NW, holds a Master’s Degree in Film Scoring and Composing, and has studio conducted a 50 piece orchestra which included Seattle Symphony members!

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