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Prelude Viola Outfit

The Prelude is truly an amazing value. It is a favorite with teachers and players. It has a rich singing tone and terrific response in a very reasonably priced instrument. Dark amber coloring with beautiful flamed maple back and sides with figured boxwood pegs and chin rest. One of our best sellers.

Anziano Viola
  1. Pro Setup by our shop for best performance

  2. Select grade Carved Solid Spruce Top and Carved Solid Maple Back

  3. Madagascar Ebony Fingerboard

  4. Fancy Figured Boxwood Pegs

  5. Featherweight Suspension Case

  6. Brazilwood Bow

  7. Sizes 12, 13, 14, 15, 15 1/2, 16, 16 1/2 and 17 inch

  8. One Year Warranty on Instrument

  9. $390 Complete Outfit or Rent or Rent-to-Own

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