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Scott Cao is Here!

…or we should probably say his violins are. Allegro Violin and Music is highly honored to have been chosen as a dealer for Scott Cao Violins. Scott Cao is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards for his instruments. These are amazing instruments that sing and respond very well to the bow. They also look fantastic – like classic instruments from the golden age of the Cremona masters.

In the June 2013 issue of Strings Magazine there is an article about a double blind comparison of violins for the Mondomusica trade show in New York City. Three actual classic Stradivarius violins and eleven contemporary violins by respected builders were compared. Neither the audience nor the performers knew what instruments they were playing. A panel of experts judged the sonic merits of the instruments and the violins of Feng Jiang and Scott Cao effectively tied for first place over the rest of the field of violins including the Strads.

Please call us to make an appointment if you would like to come and try them out or if you are a teacher and have a student that might be interested. They are surprisingly affordable for instruments of this caliber.

Thanks You,

Craig Birchfield Allegro Violin and Music

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