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“So What’s in it for Me?”

I usually try to find tidbits of information for this blog that you might find interesting but I thought that this time I would mention some reasons you might benefit by choosing Allegro Violin for your next instrument rental or purchase. Ultimately, it’s all about you and your needs and so It is okay for you to ask, “what is in it for me.”

1) Our prices are quite reasonable. Our Violins start about $200 and our Cellos start at $425. These are real instruments and not “violin or cello shaped objects”. Of course we have upgrade instruments as well and they are very good values. I think that we have the best selection of violins under $600 and cellos under $1000 in Portland. We also have a good selection of instruments above these price points. We are always looking for instruments that are great values. Our rental rates are very reasonable starting at $15 per month for violin and $35 per month for cello with no extra fees except a modest refundable deposit.

2) I personally set up each and every instrument that goes out of our shop. This is critically important to your enjoyment and musical growth as you play your instrument. We are talking and advanced set up and not just raise the bridge and bring it up to pitch. The majority of mail-order instruments do not do these steps. Typical cost is $50 to $100 or more if you have to have these adjustments done by a reputable shop (and if you can find a shop that will do them for you on a mail-order instrument). I will typically spend 45 to 75 minutes on violin and 1 to 2 hours on cello set up. Some of the things that I do include:

Examine the over-all condition and craftsmanship of the instrument Examine the peg fit and adjust accordingly Confirm the proper shape and relief of the fingerboard Examine the fine tuners and lubricate if necessary Adjust the shape and height of the to of the bridge to optimize the string action. Adjust string height at the nut to maximize speed and comfort Confirm that the bridge is perpendicular to the top and adjust if necessary Confirm that sound post position and fit is correct Examine the bow and rosin it Make any other necessary examinations and adjustments.

3) We have an excellent trade-up policy. If you rent or rent-to-own size trade-ups for your children are free during the rental period. If you purchase a violin or viola trade-ups are $35 and cello trade ups are $50 (plus any difference in price).

4) Since we are a small shop and not a big box retailer we have flexibility. Need an adjustment? need a shipping box? Need a lay away or storage until Christmas or a Birthday? We try to go the extra mile for our customers to make them happy whatever your needs are.

5) We have excellent feedback ratings and customers and teachers are often our best booster. We get quite a few referrals and repeat customers.

Please let me know if you ever have any questions.

Keep Practicing,


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