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The Little Shop That Could

I like the people who do business with us to also know a little about us. Roxanne and I have been musicians for most of our lives. We have also been making music together for over 40 years. Over the years I’ve worked in a number of different music stores beside my own. Fifteen years ago we started our string shop in suburban west Portland to cater to families, people starting or restarting their musical journeys and people who were looking for fairness, value and someone to educate them on what to look for in a good musical instrument.

We currently have over one hundred instruments in stock for sale or rent and we have more coming in all the time. We have very reasonably priced good student instruments starting at $220 for violins, $425 for cellos and $850 for upright basses. We also have much more advanced instruments and are proud to be a dealer for the famous and award winning Scott Cao line of bowed instruments. Our rentals start at $15 per month for violins and $35 per month for cellos. Violas and upright basses are also rented. I personally set each instrument up to play well (my first instrument was very difficult to play so I am sensitive to that). We have no extra fees for our rentals – just the refundable deposit and monthly rent. We have an excellent selection of accessories: strings, stands, mutes, instruction books, etc. On our website we have an extensive list of local string teachers and music schools organized by area. Check under the teacher tab If you need a good teacher. I am available most of the time from 8:30AM to 8:30PM to personally answer your questions at (503)702 7254. We all have started out as novices when beginning something new so no question is trivial and we want to be a resource for you.

Keep Practicing,


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