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Top 10 Reasons Children Should Learn an Instrument

Here are my top ten reasons for children to learn to play a musical instrument. These include practical child development reasons such as mental development and social maturity and more aesthetic and emotional reasons that relate to your child’s quality of life now and in the future as an adult.

1) It will get them away from the big I – iPhone, iPad, TV, video games, texting, social media, etc. Kids are technology junkies these days. A little technology is not a bad thing but kids need alternatives to addictive electronics and learning music tends to be a lower tech higher value activity.

2) It will help them socially. Kids who learn a musical instrument get to play with other musicians in band or orchestra and learn teamwork. Everyone has to work together for a piece of music to sound good. Musicians tend to be a little more popular and socially adept.

3) They will associate with other positive, goal driven children in class, band or orchestra. Children who learn music are less likely to get involved in drugs. They form friendships with children whose parents value education, sobriety and positive development for their kids.

4) It will give them greater self-confidence. They get a source of positive pride in their abilities and accomplishments. This will carry over into their adult life.

5) It will teach them discipline and self motivation. They learn the value of work and practice. These are skills that are in great demand in the workplace. These lifetime benefits can be worth vastly more than the modest time and money invested.

6) It will help them appreciate art and culture. In a world where so much is quantified for its dollar value or utility learning music let’s kids experience one of the finer things of life. This goes hand in hand with literature and art and helps them become well rounded and culturally in-tune people.

7) It will help them academically. There is a proven link between better science and math scores and learning a musical instrument. Music is like aerobics for the brain. In-school musical activities will increase their enjoyment of school and can keep them in school longer.

8) It will increase their intellectual ability. Research has shown that musical kids achieve higher I.Q. scores. Studying an instrument increases spacial intelligence and language skills. The younger a child begins the greater impact it seems to have on their long-term mental ability.

9) It gives them the gift of music. Playing an instrument is something that they can treasure for the rest of their lives. It can be a source of relaxation and renewal. Music is one of the great gifts of the Creator. Most adults who never learned a musical instrument wish they had.

10) It’s fun. Music is a joyful experience. Playing music with others is a great positive activity.

Keep Practicing,

Craig Birchfield

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