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Important String Player Resources in Greater Portland

Here in the greater Portland metro area we have some excellent resources for string players. I will also list some links to the best of our our local ensembles, orchestras and luminaries.

Violin, viola, cello and bass Teacher list: I have to start by tooting our own horn. We have a very good teacher resource page on our website. We have 100 teachers and private studios listed as well as 11 music schools that offer individual and group instruction. They are listed with their contact information according to area and zip code to enable you to find someone at a convenient distance. Instructors are listed for violin, viola, cell and upright bass in a variety of styles and for all ages and levels of play. Here is the link:

We try to stay in tune with our local teachers but it is possible that the Oregon Suzuki Association may have teachers that we do not yet have listings for. Their link is here:

Our shop carries method books but there is only one comprehensive source for sheet music and books in greater Portland that I am aware of and that is Portland Music Company. They have two locations for sheet music needs. On the west side they are in Beaverton on Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy and in SE Portland on Division. Here is the link for their sheet music department:

We have some excellent orchestras in the tri-county area. We recommend that you check out their websites and performance calendars.

The Oregon Symphony. Founded in 1896 and arguably one of the finest symphonies on the west coast. You haven’t heard the cream of Oregon classical music until you’ve heard the Oregon Symphony. Main website: Performance calendar:

There are some other wonderful symphonies in our area that you should be aware of. They have excellent talent and great programming.

The Vancouver Symphony:

The Columbia Symphony Orchestra:

The Hillsboro Symphony Orchstra:

Let’s not forget the young people. Greater Portland has not one but two outstanding youth symphonies. Tickets prices are super reasonable.

The Metropolitan Youth Symphony (Mysfits):

The Portland Youth Symphony is the oldest symphony of it’s kind in the US – originally founded as the Sagebrush Symphony Orchestra in 1912 in Burns, Oregon. It was later relocated to Portland. Here is a link to the 2 part blog piece that I wrote on it’s history:

The Portland Youth Symphony (PYP):

Probably my favorite local small ensemble is the 45th Parallel with Oregon Symphony Violinist Greg Ewer at the helm. They typically play at the awesome Old Church venue. They program some great and very interesting concerts and the musicianship is just fab.

Chamber Music NW:

Chamber Music Society of Oregon:

The Celtic Fiddle Festival

The Oregon Bluegrass Association:


Keep Practicing,


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